Double System

Clearview Solutions offers an abundance of dual shades. All of our dual shades are made up of solar shading fabrics with polyester film or black-out fabric. These shades use film in combination with other fabrics to allow a clear view to the outside while still offering exemplary protection from sunlight. Clearview Solutions offer a complete system of shade. Practical and useful, Double Systems are comprised of a fully integrated system with both side and optional bottom channels, and they are able to achieve the blackout condition that you desire.


  • Available in both manual and motorized options
  • 100’s of different fabrics to choose sun control (1%, 3%,5%, 10% open area)
  • Complete blackout fabrics eliminating all light
  • Sun control fabric for protection from direct solar radiation
    and/or glare.
  • Special gel film shade which allow for a clear view at any
    time day or night.
  • Technically advanced solar screen fabrics that protect
    interiors from damaging UV rays while conjunctively allowing you comfort from
    glare, heat, and sun exposure.
  • Beautiful valence and fascia enclosures will hide the
    hardware where so desired.
  • Side channels that are slim, dependable, stylish and fully
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