Skylight Blinds

Is your space uncomfortable due to blinding and baking sunlight? Are you looking to control daylight and to enhance your solar control? If this is the case, consider Skylight Blinds. Available in various options including light filtering or room darkening fabrics that can either be operated manually or motorized.  They also aid in saving energy by lowering your heating and cooling costs. What is more, your ability to control the light will be unsurpassed.

Skylight Blinds are an ideal solution for reducing light in media rooms due to their novel sidetracks that block light. Whatever your glass surface – domed, horizontal, sloped, or arched, Skylight Blinds all necessitate a special shading solution. Look no further, because these custom distinctive skylight systems are all constructed to meet your specific requirements. In fact, these custom designed skylight systems also offer you peace of mind by providing you with the best protection against damaging ultra violet rays and heat gain. The possibilities are endless with our truly unique Skylight Systems.

Skylight Blinds are available in an array of options. These options include:

  • 100’s of different fabrics to choose sun control (1%, 3%,5%, 10% open area)
  • Complete blackout fabrics eliminating all light
  • Sun control fabric for protection from direct solar radiation
    and/or glare.
  • Special gel film shade which allow for a clear view at any
    time day or night.
  • Technically advanced solar screen fabrics that protect
    interiors from damaging UV rays while conjunctively allowing you comfort from
    glare, heat, and sun exposure.
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